Solving your IT monitoring needs in the Cloud


MantisAlert IT monitoring provides one of the most powerful and cost effective IT monitoring solutions available


  • No hardware to setup or maintain, be up and running within minutes
  • Scalable architecture, we have you covered whether you have 1 server or 10,000.


  • Gain full insight into the health of your servers, desktops, applications, IPs and URLs via our web based user interface
  • Use existing Nagios scripts to quickly monitor your infrastructure. Great if you’re migrating from Nagios or if you want to make use of the thousands of monitoring scripts already available
  • Using our API you can monitor anything you like
  • Highly configurable alerting ensures you get alerted of service anomalies or downtime


  • We know IT staff are busy people, you want an IT monitoring solution that is simple to implement, maintain and use. You can deploy MantisAlert monitoring within minutes regardless of your size of infrastructure. For a limited time only we are also offering free onboarding consultancy to get you up and running even faster
  • Many of our competitors have complex and cumbersome user interfaces, resulting in a steep learning curve. Instead, we provide a clean and efficiently designed interface so you can start using all the features with confidence from day one


  • Unlike many of our competitors we offer pay as you go pricing. Only have 1 server? Then you just pay for 1 server. No bulk purchasing necessary
  • Have hundreds of servers/IPs/URLs to monitor? We provide volume discounts for larger organisations

Try our 30 day free trial

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For a limited time only we are also offering free onboarding consultancy to get you up and running even faster



Remove all the hassle of on premise monitoring solutions by using MantisAlert. IT Monitoring systems need to help you do your job, not add to your growing list of systems to maintain. The last thing anybody wants from a monitoring system is extra work, that’s why we built MantisAlert on the cloud. Running from 13+ data centres all over the world, you can rest assured it will scale reliably with your needs, whether you have 1 server or 10,000+.


Monitor all your Linux and Microsoft Windows operating systems via the MantisAlert agent.

Monitor system resources such as CPU, RAM, hard disk usage, SMART status, process resource usage and many more.

Monitor system services and processes


Create custom rules to define what should trigger an alert. Alert everyone, individual users or specific teams. Use Slack? MantisAlert can also send alerts to you and your teams via Slack.


Monitor the following from our 13+ data centres around the world:

  • Websites: Get alerted of down time, view uptime statistics, graph response times and review status codes.
  • SSL certificates: Never miss an SSL expiration date again
  • TCP ports: Ensure you’re alerted if a port is no longer listening


Using our MantisAlert custom script agent or API you can monitor absolutely anything. Better still, you can utilise any of the thousands of existing Nagios monitoring scripts within MantisAlert. Chances are there are already scripts available to monitor all your devices and applications.


You can add as many users as required, and each can have specific restrictions on what they can manage. Team alerting ensures all those who need to know about a problem are alerted.


IP monitor

  • No agent required
  • Monitor any IP address
  • Provide uptime statistics
  • Graph response times
  • Review status codes

URL monitor

  • No agent required
  • Monitor any URL
  • Provide uptime statistics
  • Graph response times
  • Review status codes
  • SSL expiration alerts
  • View all features
  • Free trial

Server agent

  • Agent for Linux and Windows
  • System monitoring
  • Service monitoring
  • Monitor anything
  • Powerful alerting
  • Multi user access
  • View all features
  • Free trial
After years of using Nagios we came to the realisation that it was taking up valuable man hours just to maintain it. Switching to MantisAlert has given us back that time, allowing us to concentrate on more important tasks to help generate business growth instead. The migration was painless as the platform is in the cloud, the ability to utilise our existing Nagios scripts in MantisAlert also reduced implementation time drastically.
Chris Andre
CTO - Overt Software Solutions Ltd